Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Christmas Crazy

In all the Christmas craziness I always make sure to watch my old favorites movies: It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, A Christmas Carol (I prefer the Muppet's version to the Star Trek guy) etc. I could go on and on about their plots writing about how they are timeless, but I must reflect on this one thought. Loneliness and isolation in the beginning with a great song and dance at the end is not how the world works. Most of the time the George Baileys of the world jump and aren't saved by an angel. I'm asking this of the world: please be kind to one another. When you are rushing to spend money you might not have to impress said person that is probably going to throw your gift away because they will never see you for your true beauty. STOP and please think of these five things.
1. Christmas is for family and friends. Love them with love, not things. If you woke up tomorrow and your tree didn't have presents under it would it be a travesty?
2. Music is the key, sing together. I know it sounds weird but it really works.
3. God doesn't care where you pray. BTW A song counts as a prayer.
4. Which leads to my next one. Prayer is for you, not God. God doesn't care if you talk to him. Its the whole thing of if you don't believe in her/him, well yadda yadda yadda believes in you.
5. If you can't sleep, count your blessings instead of sheep.

Alright, I guess I stole number five. Maybe those old movies do know what their talking about after all. : P

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shut up and write.

I have been organizing my notes and my thoughts. I have made an outline and a chapter summery. I have researched what is needed for synopsizes and queries. The only thing I noticed that I am not doing is writing. That is what works for me, just sitting in my favorite chair and pounding out two thousands words. The problem is I really want a full and pretty outline that I can refer to everyday and know what is going to happen. I want that comfort, but I guess I'm going to have to accept that this is the type of writer I am. The story and characters are always growing in my sub-conscience, I just wish I could have a little notice. So that little voice in my head says "Shut up Michelle and write" and I will just have to listen.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fever Writing is not the Same as Writing Fever

When I was stuck sick in bed this past weekend and bored I figured I could make the best out of a situation by revising. Little did I know my fever was in the process of spiking from 101-102.5. The next two hours I was stuck in some strange maze of adding and subtracting until I realized none of it made any sense at all. So here is what I've learned, I think I owe my creativity an apology. I treated it like it wasn't a job and didn't take it seriously. I wouldn't drive with a high fever so revising something I have worked almost a year on is definitely out. It is a job whether I'm being paid or not and it deserves my best attention. Just showing up isn't enough you need to be ready.

I would like to humbly implore that great god of writing to listen. I am sorry I took advantage of you and thank you for backup files. Amen.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Must have more talking!

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending my first writers conference. The strongest point that was stressed by authors and editors presenting was dialogue is the key to story movement. It is the best method to show and prevent telling. Also flashbacks of any kind will immediately stop the story. I am sorry to say that my current novel started with a flashback and the first twelve, very long sentences had no dialogue. Snore! I had no idea because I lovingly crafted that from a memory I twisted to fit the story. The reader doesn't care. He/she wants to jump right in and be submerged in the first few pages not hear about an old lady and her significance to me. So the changes are being made happily. I want teens to read my book not fall asleep.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My First Day!

I am a young adult writer that is attempting my first novel The Puzzle in Me. This was supposed to be yet another short story until I found myself writing more than twenty thousand words. The only reason I can see that caused the extension was the amount books I couldn't stop reading on psychic phenomena at the time.
So my newbie status is strong but I have decided this is what I want to do. I am a writer. I love everything about it. The daily sessions, revising, reading YA, watching crazy teen shows and the feedback you get from those who want you to succeed. Let me tell you one thing, its not always rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes its like tearing off a band aid but it is worth it if you want to grow. I have so much to learn and I plan on blogging about it every chance I get.