Friday, February 26, 2010

Curious Questions

In my past posts I stated how I write off the hip and my frustration with my own self inflicted diabolical process. I always march on because I have questions. I write those questions down by hand and no matter how long it takes I look at it everyday until I have an answer. I'm hoping the curiosity I experience is the same for the reader. I heard a mystery writer say once in an interview, if we as writers paint ourselves into a corner then the reader will be less likely to telegraph the story. I like the idea of creating the unexpected. My dream is not to be published but to antagonize the crap out of a reader to the point that the only thing of significance is to finish my book. Recently, as a test, I've been giving the first few pages to many friends and wait to see if they ask for more. If I have to call them then I know there is a problem, the story is a sinker and I need to move on. Pushing through the pain of rejection is worth it just to hear those sweet words I do dream of, 'more please'. I have to admit, I like driving people slightly crazy. It makes me smile.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A legit writers contest.

Normally, I disregard writing contests because I don't trust them. Most contests are usually a front to get you to give them money for some sort of vanity book or 'outside expenses'. How do I know this? Well I also have written songs and poetry so in my time I've entered a couple contests. Guess what? I WON! Yes, and when I was nineteen and stupid I really thought I was special when my poem was 'chosen' to be in a published book. My dad never told me the truth and he bought the book. Holding the $20 vanity book that had a bunch of other suckers poems in it, he told me he was proud of me. (I know, boohoo, get to the point.)
Well let's go back a few months, (snore) hey, I'm getting there...I had the awesome opportunity to attend a FREE talk given by Chuck Sambuchino. He gave info and advice about the world of publishing while promoting his book Guide to Literary Agents 2010. Amazed by his infinite knowledge and experience, I started to follow his blog Guide to Literary Agents.
It has become one of my favorites along with Writers Unboxed and Query Shark.
Anyway, I trust his blog enough to enter his Dear Lucky Agent Contest. Without a query, I get to submit the first 150-200 words of my manuscript to be judged by Jennifer Laughran of the Andrea Brown Agency.
Wish me luck!