Friday, February 26, 2010

Curious Questions

In my past posts I stated how I write off the hip and my frustration with my own self inflicted diabolical process. I always march on because I have questions. I write those questions down by hand and no matter how long it takes I look at it everyday until I have an answer. I'm hoping the curiosity I experience is the same for the reader. I heard a mystery writer say once in an interview, if we as writers paint ourselves into a corner then the reader will be less likely to telegraph the story. I like the idea of creating the unexpected. My dream is not to be published but to antagonize the crap out of a reader to the point that the only thing of significance is to finish my book. Recently, as a test, I've been giving the first few pages to many friends and wait to see if they ask for more. If I have to call them then I know there is a problem, the story is a sinker and I need to move on. Pushing through the pain of rejection is worth it just to hear those sweet words I do dream of, 'more please'. I have to admit, I like driving people slightly crazy. It makes me smile.

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