Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fever Writing is not the Same as Writing Fever

When I was stuck sick in bed this past weekend and bored I figured I could make the best out of a situation by revising. Little did I know my fever was in the process of spiking from 101-102.5. The next two hours I was stuck in some strange maze of adding and subtracting until I realized none of it made any sense at all. So here is what I've learned, I think I owe my creativity an apology. I treated it like it wasn't a job and didn't take it seriously. I wouldn't drive with a high fever so revising something I have worked almost a year on is definitely out. It is a job whether I'm being paid or not and it deserves my best attention. Just showing up isn't enough you need to be ready.

I would like to humbly implore that great god of writing to listen. I am sorry I took advantage of you and thank you for backup files. Amen.

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